Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson


Hi, my name is Chuck Stewart, and I have been a professional photographer for 70 years.  Most people know me for my Black & White images of jazz personalities: From Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie to Frank Sinatra  and Sarah Vaughn.  However, my files aren’t limited to just jazz.  It’s probably easier for you to ask who I haven’t photographed as opposed to who I have.

Here’s how I got started: On my 13th birthday, my mother gave me a 616 Box-Brownee.  One day the famed mezzo-soprano Marian Anderson visited my school in Tucson, AZ.  I took pictures of the event and sold them for $2 a piece.  This was a great jump from the 25-cents allowance I was currently receiving, and I knew what I wanted to do from there.

I received my Fine Arts degree in Photography from Ohio University, where I met my mentor Herman Leonard.  After I graduated, I joined Herman in NYC where he was studying under famed portrait photographer Joseph Karsh.  I did a lot of the grunt-work, but I learned a lot in terms of setting up a shot, and what the photographer is looking to translate to the audience.  See, a camera is just a tool that helps to translate what the photographer wants you to see, and I hope that you like what you see here on the website.

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