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  • Clifford Brown

    Clifford Brown

    Clifford Brown — God really knows how to get the best out of His souls when he brings them here...
  • Max Roach – 1985

    Max Roach – 1985

    Max Roach — Mom, Dad and I went up to UMass-Amherst to look at a college option for me. Well,...
  • Duke Ellington /Leopold Stokowski

    Duke Ellington /Leopold Stokowski

    So, Maestro Stokowski offered 70 year old Ellington and 65 year-old Armstrong a glass of champagne, and they declined explaining...
  • Marian Anderson

    Marian Anderson

    Hi, my name is Chuck Stewart, and I have been a professional photographer for 70 years.  Most people know me...
  • Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton

    Here’s Eric Clapton in his Cream days. One of, if not, the greatest Rock guitarists ever! He’s the only 3-time...
  • Cab Calloway

    Cab Calloway

  • Jack Dempsey

    Jack Dempsey

    Jack Dempsey (World Heavyweight Champion 1919-1926) was America’s first broadcast superstar. In 1921, a crowd of 91,000 gathered in Jersey...
  • Wynton Marsalis

    Wynton Marsalis

    Wynton Marsalis   First of all, if he wasn’t one of the most incredible trumpeters in existence, he would make...
  • Cannonball Adderly

    Cannonball Adderly

  • Earl “Fatha” Hines – 1966

    Earl “Fatha” Hines – 1966

    Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines — When I saw the piano in his glasses, I thought this would make for a great...